Skin Care

MDR is proud to offer Clientele skincare with 
Patented Sacred Lotus Seed Extract.

Once available only to the patients of a leading team of Dermatologists, Clientele has offered its ‘clientele’ the benefits of the most advanced age-defying skincare technology for over 30 years.  All Clientele products are developed with experts in the fields of Dermatology, Nutrition, and Aging. Their formulas incorporate many basics of nutrition like antioxidants and nutrients that fight free radical damage both inside and out.

All Clientele skincare products contain an exclusive patented ingredient - the extract of the Sacred Lotus Seed. Thousands of years ago in India and Egypt, Monks, Pharaohs, and Queens recognized the potent powers of the magical, mystical Sacred Lotus. But it took modern-day UCLA Scientists to prove them right. They obtained Lotus seeds buried 1000 years ago in a Chinese lake bed and planted them. To their amazement the ancient seeds sprouted into healthy, young Lotus plants. The Scientists discovered antioxidants and a protein repair enzyme within the seed that allowed it to resist the aging process for over 1000 years!

When Clientele’s Dermatologists tested the extract of the Sacred Lotus Seed in their skincare formulas, they found it made the skin look dramatically younger and more beautiful. After just 4 weeks, over 91% of users found their skin looked much younger!

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