Lotus Firming Serum

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Lotus Firming Serum

Dramatically increases facial skin firmness by 34% in 3 weeks!

We have harnessed one of Mother Nature's most powerful anti-aging secrets–the Sacred Lotus seed. Thousands of years ago, Buddhist Monks in India and China, and Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens all revered the Lotus, which they called the Sacred Lotus.

Allow your skin to drink in this ultimate anti-aging skin cocktail! Lotus Firming Serum contains the highest concentration of Sacred Lotus with Firming Plant Extracts; Antioxidants like Vitamin C, SOD, Lycopene and Lutein; and 15 anti-aging ingredients. Fully loaded with quality ingredients, it’s like 16 serums in one!

Lotus Firming Serum protects skin from free radicals that damage collagen while it smoothes and rejuvenates your skin. It improves elasticity and provides your skin with a healthy, radiant glow. Targets age-prone areas for younger-looking skin.

In clinical studies of Lotus Firming Serum, subjects reported it:

  • Increased firmness 55% in a 10-minute firmness test
  • Increased key parameters of elasticity 41% in 3 weeks

2.3 fl. oz.

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