How to Stay Healthy

You may wonder why you are sick more often than your partner, co-workers or friends. Why does one person coughing on the airplane sicken the passenger to his right but not the one on his left. The answer depends on the health of their immune system.

Experts say those over 60 are at a greater risk of illness. But not always. A 101-year-old man in Italy and a 103 -year old woman in China recovered from from the coronavirus, currently causing a global pandemic. Bill Lapschies, a 104 year old World War II veteran, also recovered from COVID-19. Lapschies told a reporter. “It just went away.”

It is true with aging, our immune function declines. But what factors can you control?

Adequate rest. Social distancing. Washing hands. Wiping surfaces. Using hand sanitizer.

Most importantly, you simply can’t afford to miss important nutrients today. You need to eat a healthy balanced diet, and take supplements to insure you get all the key nutrients required for good health.

At MDR we have assembled a list of key formulas you should consider now to protect your health.

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