Urinary Tract Concerns? Here's Berry Good News

Apr 11th 2018 Posted by MDR

Most people know that drinking cranberry juice helps flush away bad bacteria and keep the urinary tract healthy. For the last decade scientists have known that blueberries can also serve the same purpose.

Today, women who have a tendency to have recurrent urinary tract issues are often told by their doctor to drink more cranberry juice. But some doctors don't agree.

Researchers at Texas A&M, found cranberry capsules produced better results than juice because the active ingredients that interfere with the bacteria's ability to attach to the bladder wall are more concentrated.

Blueberries and Cranberries are delicious and nutritious. Besides the preventive health benefits for your bladder and urinary tract, there are plenty of good reasons to enjoy them.

Blueberries and their cousin, Bilberries support a healthy cardiovascular system, good brain function and sharp eyesight. Berries in general are packed with powerful antioxidants that should put them at the top of your longevity shopping list.

On days when you don't manage to eat berries or drink their juice, you can easily take capsules of MDR Wild Blueberry/Bilberry Antioxidants or MDR Cranberry Concentrate. You will get the potent berry antioxidants without the calories from added sugars found in diluted juices or canned cranberry sauce. 


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