Surprising Role of Fiber!

Oct 12th 2018 Posted by MDR

You may think of fiber only being good for regularity, but evidence shows it may play a role in maintaining your health by supporting friendly flora in your gut that help everything from your immune system to your brain function.

Data indicates the daily dietary fiber intake for both men and women is roughly 40% below the recommended levels. Besides decreasing healthy bowel movements, a deficiency of fiber can reduce your ability to produce vital short chain fatty acids (SCFA) through bacterial fermentation of fiber in the colon.

Butyrate is one of these SCFA's. It has been shown to be anti-inflammatory. Increased Butyrate has also been shown to support healthy brain function. Studies also have shown it improves memory in animals tested.

We make less beneficial Butyrate as we age. Eating a high fiber diet can help. Data thus far supports the benefits of a high fiber diet. It favors a beneficial microbiome, reduced gut permeability, improved immunity and better brain function.

Studies have found that there are microbiome changes in aged versus young mice. These intestinal flora imbalances might promote greater tendencies to inflammation and gut permeability. Fiber supplementation in mice resulted in improved colonic health and reduced inflammation. Since much of your immune system stems from your GI tract, this has profound benefits on your overall health. Inulin belongs to a group of non-digestible carbohydrates called Fructans and is considered a prebiotic known to support immunity and overall health.

While the low-carb diet is gaining popularity for promoting weight loss, eating a high fiber diet may be a healthier choice. You can benefit from a balanced diet with adequate soluble and insoluble fiber derived from whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. You can also take a fiber supplement such as MDR Nite-Cal with Fiber, Probiotics and Inulin. By making sure you get enough fiber in your diet, you are protecting your GI tract, supporting your immune system, and “feeding” the desirable flora that will keep you smart and healthy.


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