New Benefit of Taking Aspirin

Jul 7th 2018 Posted by MDR

In a new study, Aspirin has been found to be useful in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. The study suggests that a daily low-dose of aspirin may protect the brain from the onset of disease and help those in the fight already.

The buildup of amyloid plaques is the leading theory as to the cause of Alzheimer's. Studies have shown that amyloid plaque buildup disrupts communication between brain cells and causes brain immune cells to increase inflammation. This inflammation leads to cellular deterioration and neuron death. 

In the study, aspirin was seen to increase lysosomal action. Lysosomes are key in clearing cellular waste. Studies have shown that Lysosomes are important in preventing the build-up of the amyloid plaque.

Widely-available and inexpensive, aspirin now has a new important benefit in addition to cardiovascular blood thinning and pain relief.

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