Joint Pain? Sharks May Help.

Jul 27th 2018 Posted by MDR

Now is the time when many people are enjoying good weather and lots of activities that require walking. Nothing is worse than when you have stiffness and joint pain that decrease mobility. 

Osteoarthritis affects 40 million Americans and causes loss of cartilage and chronic inflammation.

Research suggests that certain nutrients can help support healthy cartilage formation.You won’t get these nutrients from your typical American diet. One source is shark cartilage which is rich in mucopolysaccharides, joint building blocks that can help rebuild the cushion between joints.

Unless you supply the building blocks of healthy cartilage and synovial fluid, progressive joint degradation and loss of mobility will occur and may eventually require treatments such as knee or hip replacements. Supplementation of cartilage building blocks makes good sense.

Dr Joseph Orcasity from the University of Miami found that after four weeks of supplementation of shark cartilage pain and swelling was reduced and mobility was increased in patients.

MDR Chondro-Pro supplies shark cartilage along with glucosamine and hyaluronic acid which help nourish joint cartilage. The formula also supplies natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants like turmeric, grape seed and green tea. Just 3 capsules a day can help support healthy cartilage and increased flexibility for a more youthful spring to your step.

Knee Pain: The Self-Help Guide by John Garrett, M.D. & Bob Reznik, M.B.A

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