Is Coffee Good for You?

Jun 9th 2018 Posted by MDR

Coffee is a very popular beverage and there have been plenty of studies investigating coffee. Some findings are now becoming clear.

Generally people tend to think coffee is the same as caffeine. It is not. The studies show a difference between coffee consumption and caffeine consumption. Caffeine is present in many products besides coffee such as soft drinks, tea, chocolate and energy drinks. Coffee is a complex combination of caffeine and molecules that contribute flavor, antioxidants and yes, carcinogens too.

Studies show that coffee consumption is linked to longer lifespans. This effect is present even with decaffeinated coffee, which leads to the assumption that it is the non-caffeine components that are responsible for the longevity enhancement.

However, studies also show that caffeine has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and can boost enzymes that fight Alzheimer’s disease.

So, perhaps coffee is a particularly good combination of caffeine and other components for a healthy drink. But, not all groups will benefit from coffee because of the caffeine. Caffeine is not recommended for children due to their body weight to caffeine ratio, pregnant woman, women trying to conceive, or those with cardiovascular issues.


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