Can your Bones Boost Your Muscles & Memory?

Mar 6th 2018 Posted by MDR

Bones constantly remodel themselves. Osteoblasts make new bone; while, osteoclasts, destroy old bone. New research shows bones send messages throughout the body. Bones make hormones like osteocalcin, sclerostin, fibroblast growth factor 23 and lipocalin 2, which fights bacterial infections, and helps control appetite.

Osteocalcin circulates through the blood, collecting calcium and other minerals that bones need. Research has shown that osteocalcin can restore muscle function in aging mice to youthful levels and increase exercise endurance. It can also help regulate blood sugar.

Active ostocalcin is a so-called Gla protein and circulates in an inactive form until it is modified by the vitamin K dependent enzyme. Plants use K1 for photosynthesis, but animals turn that into K2 which the body uses to make Gla-proteins that play a role in bone organization and blood clotting. They also help inhibit calcification in soft tissue like heart valves which is often seen in older people.

In experiments in aging mice, infusions of osteocalcin improved the old mice's memory to levels equivalent to those of young mice.

Infusing plasma from young mice into older mice has already shown reversal of certain parameters of aging. Young mice whose osteocalcin levels were artificially decreased and osteocalcin-deficient mice that received plasma transfusions did not perform better in memory tests. This means the bone’s hormone osteocalcin helps the brain to function better. More work is needed to see if restoring its levels in older people may improve memory.

Experts say since osteocalcin is a natural part of the body it should be safe and may prove beneficial as a future therapy. In the meantime, supporting bone health with proper nutrition makes good sense.

MDR provides an advanced formula called Day-Cal to support bone heath with bioavailable forms of Calcium, Vitamin K-2, Vitamin D-3 and minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Boron. 


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